Indications and usage of RYANODEX®

RYANODEX® (dantrolene sodium) for injectable suspension is a reformulation of dantrolene sodium, designed to treat MH with easy reconstitution and fast administration, in conjunction with supportive measures.1

  • Each 250 mg vial of RYANODEX® reconstitutes in 10 seconds with only 5 mL of sterile water for injection1,2
  • Fast administration with minimal fluid volume1,2
  • Potential to lower the risk of complications arising from treatment delays or high fluid volume administration1,2,7,8
  • Typically only 1 vial for patients up to 100 kg1,3

RYANODEX® is indicated for1:

  • Treatment of malignant hyperthermia in conjunction with appropriate supportive measures
  • Prevention of malignant hyperthermia in patients at high risk

If surgery is prolonged, administer additional individualized RYANODEX® doses during anesthesia and surgery.