RYANODEX®: Keep cool in the crisis with administration in less than 1 minute

  • Reformulated version of dantrolene sodium utilizes innovative nanosuspension technology for an improved performance in treating MH1
  • Loading dose (2.5 mg/kg) of dantrolene sodium can be reconstituted and administered in less than 1 minute in an MH crisis along with other appropriate supportive measures2,3
  • 1 vial of RYANODEX® (dantrolene sodium) for injectable suspension contains the same amount of dantrolene sodium as 12.5 vials of other approved dantrolene sodium formulations1,9,10
  • 1 anesthesia provider can administer RYANODEX®, helping the entire patient care team stay cool in the crisis2
  • The use of RYANODEX® in the treatment of an MH crisis is not a substitute for implementing supportive measures